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I believe I was Asian in a past life. I think this fact was reinforced earlier in this life because of the three or four years I lived in Japan when I was younger.

For awhile I’ve been interested in decorating… researching and acquiring pieces, framing pictures, buying sculptures, and arranging furniture. I like to take pictures of the things I buy, to share them with others and cultivate ideas.

With that said, I took pictures of some of the new things we bought today. We finally got the bedroom picture we’ve wanted for the last year. We wanted to finish the living room as much as we possibly could before starting on the bedroom in earnest. Now we’ll finish the bedroom in a few short pieces (end tables, credenza, and some additional pictures above the doors, closest door, and wall fan) and we’ll work on the office.

A slideshow of some of our decor: Home Decor

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