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There are times when I hear a YTMND and I can’t stop laughing. This is one such time. More Peter Chimaera incoming!




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There are things on the internet that are just too good for their own good. Peter Chimaera’s story about Dante from Devil May Cry is one such thing.

First learned about here and later found here and here. Enjoy! I know I did.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with my WordPress blog. I’ve been so busy lately that my time on the computer is really only limited to working on projects and responding to email. I haven’t even gotten around to doing some of the things I’ve been meaning to do.Freelance Work

On Monday, I purchased the first game I’m reviewing and spent the last week playing through it, taking notes, and everything else needed to review it. I’m pretty satisfied with my review process but, like everything else, I’ll revise my method as I continue.

I spent a lot of my time this time around just taking notes on anything that popped up. I’ll revise that into a different approach for next time and note things in steps: Controls/Interface first, Story next, Graphics/Sound/Overall Polish last. Doing it this way will give me time to focus on the first thing you’ll notice when you play (besides graphics, which is how it plays), so on and so forth. We’ll see how that method works and revise it accordingly.

I feared that I wouldn’t have any time when I started doing freelance work but I find that there are more hours in my day than before. I think it’s mainly because I cut out all of the fat and stay focused on my projects, instead of drifting off and doing random things. I may be able to take on a few more freelance projects as I get further into freelancing as a career.

Comic Books

I’ve also been hard at work on my comic book series. I don’t know whether to say they’re comics or graphic novels or what have you but… visual storybook is too cumbersome. Whatever you want to call them, I’ve been devoting at least a far chunk of my time to writing.

Awhile back I decided to abandon writing out the panels and focus strictly on the dialogue. Once the dialogue is done, I’ll go back and do the panels. Thus far, Chapter 1 is complete and I’m taking a short break to let it mature. I’ll come back to it and revise what I’ve written and start fleshing out the panels the rest of the way.

This is definitely a story I’ll have to do in chunks, though, because of how large it is. I’d like to do 2 chapters per book (if it’s a graphic novel), as the first chapter in the arc will be the “gear up” and the second will be the climax. Either way, nothing will be set in stone or decided until I snag an artist interested in drawing for me… and that won’t happen until at least the second chapter is finished and ready to be paneled.

Other Projects

At the moment, I’m waiting on responses on “Ascendant Dream”, my first Crystalline Beauty novel. Until then, I’m not doing anything major with the series. Jen Lightfoot is working on Randel Gaylin’s portrait and I’m excited to see how that turns out. I might make some Emeraldwind wallpapers or icons.

I have a few short stories that I’m interested in writing and now that I’m done with the first chapter of the E.N.T.I.T.Y.O.X1 series, I’ll finish two of those before working on anything else. I’m pretty excited about them and I’m considering submitting them to magazines and podcasts, in the hopes of making a small bit of cash and getting some exposure. Of course, sharing the story is the ultimate ambition, but who wants to talk about that when FAME and FORTUNE are in the picture?

Other Real Life Matters

Taxes, taxes, taxes. I’m probably not getting as much back as I’d like to this year, unfortunately. I wasn’t really letting Uncle Sam have anymore than I’d let him take from me. I needed that money, and it helped us out a lot. I am excited about the rebate though. If it comes early enough, I might be able to start working on my office with some of the money.

I need to get around to actually selling this stuff that’s sitting in my storage area. I already photographed it and researched some of it… I just haven’t had any time to actually set up a craigslist listing for any of it. Not enough hours in the day and too many people/things that want my full attention for hours at a time. Maybe sometime this week I can whittle this list down without adding anything else to it.

Other than that, there’s not much else going on. Just trying to stay as productive as possible and not lose my mind. Well, I’m off to work on my review.

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I stood at the edge of the clearing, my eyes focusing in the darkness. Above, the moon hung in the sky, giving off her light, letting her soft fingers caress the canopy of leaves above me. Trees circled the field, covering anything beyond it’s impenetrable darkness. And she stood there, in the center of the field, with her arms raised to the sky, her soft voice humming a delicate tune. I watched her for a time, amazed by her spirit, her beauty, her long lush hair tumbling down to the midst of her back. And then, she turned, slowly, her eyes staring into mine. And a wistful smile stole onto her lips as her hand came out, beckoning me. Drawn like a magnet, I walked to her, our fingers meeting, intertwining, to hold each other. Our palms touched and we drew together in a dance, stepping around in a circle, softly, quietly, letting the musicians of the surrounding forest play their instruments, sending us into our soft dance. Her eyes were beautiful, captivating, eternal, and I watched them, afraid that if I were to look away for even the briefest of moments, I would lose them. Her lips soft, full, crimson, had the special smile she wore just for me. She let go of my hands and put her arms around my neck, as mine went to her waist. And we held each other close, faces inches apart, spellbound.

In that eternity with her I stayed and like no other time that my mind could remember, I was happy. I was whole. I was one. We spun in that field for hours, not saying a word, letting the music surround us, lost in its beauty, its majesty. And as the moon set, her light fading behind the tops of the trees, our dance ended and we parted. With a kiss to her fingers, she pressed the ends to my lips, stepping away from me, into the trees. The sun rose, letting soft glowing fingers creep along the field, the tree tops, me. And I watched where she had disappeared. And then I turned, and stepped back where I had been…


My eyes opened and I sat up to look around my dark room. There was nothing but the slitted light coming from partly opened shades on the window. But there was a feeling there now that had not been there before. A craving. A yearning. Something I had not felt in years. Something, I knew, that was my true center. And I pulled it, twisted it, caressed it. Wanting to know, I came fully awake, reaching for my notebook. And I let the ink spill from my pen, and I let my thoughts spill from my mind. And, I knew, what I had found. I had found the truth of what I am. And I let it free, let it transcribe between the hollow blue lines on the paper. And when I finished, I looked at what had become. And I came to find it was more than I had truly known before. It was my center, my all, my everything. And when I looked outside my window, between the slits, she stared down at me from the moon. And she smiled. I had returned to her… and she was always inside of me.

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When she finally was able to break the kiss, she lay breathless, her eyes closed, her heart aching at the feel of him. Her nose brushed against his and she could feel his hot breath on her skin. The warmth made her yearn for more than a simple seductive kiss. And he had done that, filling her with a sense of womanhood.

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The leaves rustled with the wind’s delicate fingers combing through them. Slashes of sunlight penetrated to the forest floor here and there, highlighting fleeting glimpses of fauna in motion. In the distance, birds clicked their mating calls and were answered with almost identical sounds. A squirrel darted up a tree with its booty in hand, proud to store something away in its alcove.

Samantha smiled through the fading pain. There was at least some solace in what had come to pass. There would be beauty enveloping her in its tender embrace. She swallowed back the lump in her throat. Thick iron greeted her senses. In a body going completely numb, there was at least that feeling.

The squirrel scampered down the trunk of oak and stood on a nearby rock, staring at her. It cocked its head one-way and then another before leaping from the pedestal and gradually tiptoeing towards her form. Its tiny black eyes watched her face before turning to the fallen tree trunk crushing her hips and abdomen. There, she ended at the tree began. When it looked back, her hand had stilled and her eyes stared unblinking at its tiny face. It cocked its head to the side one last time before darting off in the direction of more fallen booty.

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