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For those toting around a PSP, you now have a great game to buy and Primotechnology.com has the review for you:

Taking place before the events of the first two games, Chains of Olympus follows the adventures of merciless anti-hero Kratos, freshly employed by the Gods but no less irate from their endless demands. Tasked with overthrowing a plot to cast the human world into perpetual darkness and banishing the Gods to an eternal slumber, Kratos will travel across war-ravaged seas, demon-infested ruins, and even the smoldering pits of Hades itself, grudgingly working as the assassin of the Gods, until they one day fulfill their promise of having the haunting memories of his past atrocities expelled from his mind forever.

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I’ve been on a Scientology kick lately, researching it as heavily as I could so I could better understand exactly what it is. I’m starting to come to some of the same conclusions other people have (which I’ll post at another time).

Here is a supposed orientation video that I found from Neogaf.com that’s on a site called Joox. Enjoy!


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