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For those toting around a PSP, you now have a great game to buy and Primotechnology.com has the review for you:

Taking place before the events of the first two games, Chains of Olympus follows the adventures of merciless anti-hero Kratos, freshly employed by the Gods but no less irate from their endless demands. Tasked with overthrowing a plot to cast the human world into perpetual darkness and banishing the Gods to an eternal slumber, Kratos will travel across war-ravaged seas, demon-infested ruins, and even the smoldering pits of Hades itself, grudgingly working as the assassin of the Gods, until they one day fulfill their promise of having the haunting memories of his past atrocities expelled from his mind forever.

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I finally got around to researching and setting prices for all of the things I need/want to sell. These prices are as-is or best reasonable offer. I’m dealing locally only, unless I have known you for years or once lived near you. If you want pictures of the items, go to my Flickr account and click on the Selling Set. Below is the list:

Home Furnishings

Curtain Rods – 3 for $1

Three-Leg Table – $8

Picnic Basket w Plates – $10

Black TV Table – $5

Picture Frame – $8

Desklamp – $3

Music Equipment

Guitar Bag – $5

Tri-pod Mic Stand – $10

Fender Pro 185 AMP – $150

Fender Pro 185 Footswitch – $40

Ibanez G10 Bass – $180


MAG 13in CRT – $10

Playstation 1 (Might Not Work/Was Replaced with another unit) – $5

Intel Pro 100 Adapter Network Card – $2

Elsa Gladiac MX AGP 32MB – $15

Diamond Stealth III S540 PCI 32MB – $10

Sound Blaster ISA Model CT 41701 – $10

2x256MB PC100 RAM – $30

Matrox G550 – $10

3x 64 MB RAM Micron Infineon – $15

Sound Blaster Live Drive – $5

3X 128MB RAM Centon2 NoName – $40


Modern Classics of Fantasy by Gardner Dozois – $3

Storm Breaking by Mercedes Lackey – $3

Nancy Drew The Strange Message in the Parchment by Carolyn Keene -$3

The Hardy Boys Night of the Werewolf by Franklin W Dixon – $3

Nine Inch Nails by Martin Huxley – $3

Tell No One by Harlan Coben – $1

Brain Powered (VHS) – $1

Interactive English Writing – $25

Garage Band Cookbook by Dan Titus – $5

The Encyclopedia of Picture Chords by Leonard Vogler – $3

The Musicians Guide to Home Recording by Peter Mclan and Larry Wichman – $6

Jamsa CC++ Programmers Bible by Kris Jamsa – $10

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Digital Photography – $5

The Touring Musician by Hal Galper – $10

How to Make It in the Music Business by Robert Wolff – $7

El Sid by David Dalton – $3

3D Programming with C++ by John DeGoes – $40

Windows 98 Programming from the Ground up by Herbert Schildt – $1

The Book of Wizardry by Cornelius Rumstuckle – $1

Elven Blood by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey – $1

Mordred’s Curse by Ian McDowell – $1

Eldest by Christopher Paolini – $5

If you like something, leave a comment with your email in it. I moderate my comments, so I’ll grab your email and delete the comment so your email address isn’t published. Thanks.

Disclaimer: All items are provided AS-IS. I am not liable for any damage they may cause to your person or your equipment. No refunds, no returns. When coming to purchase, bring any equipment you need to test out the item. To the best of my knowledge, all items work, unless specifically noted otherwise, and I will disclose any problems with items when contacted.

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Catch 22?

I’d like to thank Brian for informing me that I had misspelled the title of my own blog, which I hadn’t noticed for the past three days.

Thanks Brian… you jackass.

P.S. You know I love you.

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