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This is beauty. This is our universe.


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I stood at the edge of the clearing, my eyes focusing in the darkness. Above, the moon hung in the sky, giving off her light, letting her soft fingers caress the canopy of leaves above me. Trees circled the field, covering anything beyond it’s impenetrable darkness. And she stood there, in the center of the field, with her arms raised to the sky, her soft voice humming a delicate tune. I watched her for a time, amazed by her spirit, her beauty, her long lush hair tumbling down to the midst of her back. And then, she turned, slowly, her eyes staring into mine. And a wistful smile stole onto her lips as her hand came out, beckoning me. Drawn like a magnet, I walked to her, our fingers meeting, intertwining, to hold each other. Our palms touched and we drew together in a dance, stepping around in a circle, softly, quietly, letting the musicians of the surrounding forest play their instruments, sending us into our soft dance. Her eyes were beautiful, captivating, eternal, and I watched them, afraid that if I were to look away for even the briefest of moments, I would lose them. Her lips soft, full, crimson, had the special smile she wore just for me. She let go of my hands and put her arms around my neck, as mine went to her waist. And we held each other close, faces inches apart, spellbound.

In that eternity with her I stayed and like no other time that my mind could remember, I was happy. I was whole. I was one. We spun in that field for hours, not saying a word, letting the music surround us, lost in its beauty, its majesty. And as the moon set, her light fading behind the tops of the trees, our dance ended and we parted. With a kiss to her fingers, she pressed the ends to my lips, stepping away from me, into the trees. The sun rose, letting soft glowing fingers creep along the field, the tree tops, me. And I watched where she had disappeared. And then I turned, and stepped back where I had been…


My eyes opened and I sat up to look around my dark room. There was nothing but the slitted light coming from partly opened shades on the window. But there was a feeling there now that had not been there before. A craving. A yearning. Something I had not felt in years. Something, I knew, that was my true center. And I pulled it, twisted it, caressed it. Wanting to know, I came fully awake, reaching for my notebook. And I let the ink spill from my pen, and I let my thoughts spill from my mind. And, I knew, what I had found. I had found the truth of what I am. And I let it free, let it transcribe between the hollow blue lines on the paper. And when I finished, I looked at what had become. And I came to find it was more than I had truly known before. It was my center, my all, my everything. And when I looked outside my window, between the slits, she stared down at me from the moon. And she smiled. I had returned to her… and she was always inside of me.

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For the longest moment, Nathan stared at Rhiannon, trying his hardest not to appear so obvious. But subtlety had failed him and he found himself openly gazing at her. She noticed and, slightly embarassed by his gaze, turned so her silkly black hair replaced her profile. When he realize what had happened, he cast his eyes back into his books and tried to lose himself but the words didn’t seem as remotely engaging as they had before she’d entered the room.

“You really shouldn’t stare at her like that,” the woman at his right said. “It’s really quite creepy. Especially since you look just the slightest bit slackjawed when you do.”

Nathan’s cheeks flushed.

“If you want to talk to her, just walk up to her and talk. Because this gazing from afar thing isn’t working out for you.”

Even against his better judgment, he knew she was right. Watching Rhiannon had gotten him nowhere. Chances were likely that she thought him decidedly creepy. But what could he do? He didn’t have the courage to approach someone like her. Especially given the fact that she excelled at her studies and he barely achieved adequacy.

Nathan looked at the woman on his right. Part of her face was hidden by her almost immaculately straight, crimson hair but he could see one of her startlingly blue eyes watching him. Her thin nose accented her face perfectly, the same way her thin eyebrows and full, naturally reddened lips augmented her beauty.

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From where she was perched, Emeraldwind watched the streets below. They were full of evening activity as people went about their business before turning in for the night. All manner of smells, both sweet and foul, floated up to her as she sat with one leg dangling over the edge of the roof. She sighed and turned her attention to the autumn sky, reds, golds, and purples splashed across the canvas as the sun sank below the horizon.

For what it was worth, she’d come as long way from the little girl she had been; the same little girl that once believed she could please her mother and soon learned that it was an impossible task that even her well-mannered sisters had trouble accomplishing. She was a little girl no more nor was she a troublesome adolescent intent on causing as much turmoil as she could. She’d left that household and turned her attention to the world, a grown woman out to shape her destiny.

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