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The leaves rustled with the wind’s delicate fingers combing through them. Slashes of sunlight penetrated to the forest floor here and there, highlighting fleeting glimpses of fauna in motion. In the distance, birds clicked their mating calls and were answered with almost identical sounds. A squirrel darted up a tree with its booty in hand, proud to store something away in its alcove.

Samantha smiled through the fading pain. There was at least some solace in what had come to pass. There would be beauty enveloping her in its tender embrace. She swallowed back the lump in her throat. Thick iron greeted her senses. In a body going completely numb, there was at least that feeling.

The squirrel scampered down the trunk of oak and stood on a nearby rock, staring at her. It cocked its head one-way and then another before leaping from the pedestal and gradually tiptoeing towards her form. Its tiny black eyes watched her face before turning to the fallen tree trunk crushing her hips and abdomen. There, she ended at the tree began. When it looked back, her hand had stilled and her eyes stared unblinking at its tiny face. It cocked its head to the side one last time before darting off in the direction of more fallen booty.


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