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I really hate being sick. I don’t feel like I can do anything when I am. I haven’t been able to work on my comics or my novels in the last couple of days because I can’t actually function. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow. In the meantime, I decided to throw up an excerpt from my first novel Ascendant Dream. I posted this once before, on my Livejournal account, but it was the unedited version. This is the version sent along to agents.

His ears swiveled as he lifted his head from his paws. It was a distinct whistle, with a trace of magic that made his fur stand on end and the back of his neck tremble with anticipation. He could feel the warm body beside him, sleeping a deep contented sleep. His eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness. There were eleven other little bodies, all in various positions, lying about, all sleeping. His paws tingled as he lifted himself to his feet and swayed. He dug his claws into the rock floor and arced his back in a stretch. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a tiny head lift and stare in his direction. Two eyes watched him, one blue and one violet. It was the youngest of all the children.”Daddy?” Her voice was tiny and meek. She was the runt, his baby. And yet still, her brothers and sisters treated her with such warmth and respect, that she was never regarded as the runt.”Go back to sleep, Lilianne,” he replied, padding to the entrance of their cavern home. From his vantage point, he could see the rocky slopes. Distant dark spots moved on a trail far beneath them. Gonthuns. Already the sun was high in the sky and the day was moving ahead briskly.”Do you have to leave again?” The little one came forward to stand with her father at the entrance of the cave, her tiny frame dwarfed by his massive build. “Did she call for you?

She did.” The traces of magic were still tingling up and down his spine. “You must go back to sleep, little one. It’s not time for you to wake yet.

I don’t want you to go, daddy. I don’t want you to answer her this time.” Lilianne frowned up at her father. She nuzzled his leg with her cold nose. “She always takes you away from us.

He sat back on his haunches and stared at the world. It was his home, the place he would fight to protect. His eyes traveled to the little girl seated next to him. If need be, he would even die for his family. His heart was heavy at the prospect of leaving them, but he knew the bond would carry him to her side. It was part of the vow. He spoke softly, so he wouldn’t wake the others. “I know you do not understand it now but one day you will. I answer her because she has lost nearly everything and yet she fights to preserve what little she has. She fights to protect our way of life and our family. She fights so that we may be happy.

So you answer her because you want to help?

He smiled a little smile that he saved only for the youngest and she giggled and pushed her head against him.

Lilianne sighed against him. It was obvious she had enjoyed the time with him since he had been back. But now that the call had come across the link, he was destined to answer it. In resignation, she headed back to her bed but not before turning around one last time. “Come back to me, daddy. I miss you when you’re gone.

I miss you too, little one.” He sent kisses back to her and watched as she curled up next to one of her bigger brothers and closed her beautiful multi-colored eyes. He faced the world again. The bond was making him tremble. Wind Phoenix took a deep breath and dashed out into the day with the wind whipping passed him and the bond urging him forward.


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I believe I was Asian in a past life. I think this fact was reinforced earlier in this life because of the three or four years I lived in Japan when I was younger.

For awhile I’ve been interested in decorating… researching and acquiring pieces, framing pictures, buying sculptures, and arranging furniture. I like to take pictures of the things I buy, to share them with others and cultivate ideas.

With that said, I took pictures of some of the new things we bought today. We finally got the bedroom picture we’ve wanted for the last year. We wanted to finish the living room as much as we possibly could before starting on the bedroom in earnest. Now we’ll finish the bedroom in a few short pieces (end tables, credenza, and some additional pictures above the doors, closest door, and wall fan) and we’ll work on the office.

A slideshow of some of our decor: Home Decor

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