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When the rain stopped, Katherine laid there for a long moment, contemplating whether rising was in her best interest. With a sigh, she realized that if she wanted to eat today, it would have to be.

Like every day before today, she rolled off of her bedroll tucked beneath the single cupboard of her barren little room, stood, stretched, and ambled to the door. There was no point putting on any clothing; no one was going to see her. Her greasy hair was tied back in a ponytail and her hands and feet were still covered with the dirt and grime of yesterday’s hunt. She surmised that her face was too but it had been so long since she’d seen her own face, she’d forgotten what she looked like.  A forgettable little girl in a forgettable little room. At least that’s what her parents had once said. Now they didn’t talk because they were dead.

She stepped into the bleak hallway and stood squinting against the little bit of light streaming in through the cracks in the ceiling. When she was little, she remembered standing in that hall and thinking about how big it was. Now it seemed little more than a tomb that wanted to trap her inside every day.

She stepped over charred beams and other debris leading to the stairs ascending towards the early morning sun. She squinted as she crossed the threshold into the world above. Charred and broken beams twisted this way and that from there base of the structure, the skeleton of a home she had once shared with her family. All around, the woods were scorched for miles and the pall of death hung over the once vibrant forest.

(I will one day continue this story… I love the set up and where I will take it)


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For the longest moment, Nathan stared at Rhiannon, trying his hardest not to appear so obvious. But subtlety had failed him and he found himself openly gazing at her. She noticed and, slightly embarassed by his gaze, turned so her silkly black hair replaced her profile. When he realize what had happened, he cast his eyes back into his books and tried to lose himself but the words didn’t seem as remotely engaging as they had before she’d entered the room.

“You really shouldn’t stare at her like that,” the woman at his right said. “It’s really quite creepy. Especially since you look just the slightest bit slackjawed when you do.”

Nathan’s cheeks flushed.

“If you want to talk to her, just walk up to her and talk. Because this gazing from afar thing isn’t working out for you.”

Even against his better judgment, he knew she was right. Watching Rhiannon had gotten him nowhere. Chances were likely that she thought him decidedly creepy. But what could he do? He didn’t have the courage to approach someone like her. Especially given the fact that she excelled at her studies and he barely achieved adequacy.

Nathan looked at the woman on his right. Part of her face was hidden by her almost immaculately straight, crimson hair but he could see one of her startlingly blue eyes watching him. Her thin nose accented her face perfectly, the same way her thin eyebrows and full, naturally reddened lips augmented her beauty.

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