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For those interested in reading about my journey into Apple-hood, please go to my other blog, Confessions of an Ex-Windows User. I plan to update the blog a few times a week with notes about features I’ve discovered or Apple products I’ve bought or tried that I enjoy. It’s for the beginner Mac user who isn’t looking so much for a guide on features as they are wanting to read an honest man’s opinion about his transition from Windows to OSX.


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Today is MacWorld 2008. Pretty exciting day filled with all sorts of Apple goodness. I want to see what they do with the Macbook Pro line, since I’m interested in purchasing a Macbook Pro but not until I know what kinds of adjustments they’re going to make to it.

The big thing this year is the Macbook Air, which is rumored to be a very light, very small, very portable laptop sans optical drives and hard drives… solid state drive all the way. There’s no telling how accurate all of the rumors are, but it might be a great little item for those folks who need something with some portability, email, and typing power and at least the most bare essentials of functionality when it comes to computing. (Otherwise, the iPhone is perfect)

There’s also been a lot of talk about connectivity. With the way the world is going, connecting all of your devices together easily is what the future entails. Media sharing was basically all that CES 2008 was about and it’s said that Macworld is going to be more of the same. I don’t mind this, since I’d love to have fully streamable 720p/1080p video coming off my network which takes up the same amount of space as your average router+modem+external hard drive connections.  It’s also exciting to see the world move into a wire free environment. The less wires we need to do with, the better.

Just a few hours left. I won’t be up for it, so I’ll have to read the transcripts later on tonight. Here’s to great fun at the expo!

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