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A hundred thousand years have passed since the day I first laid eyes on you
When the wind’s gentle fingers caressed your sun dried cheeks as you stood there staring at the horizon
You were unafraid with the daisy in your long auburn hair
I was unafraid as I was swept up in your presence
A million days have passed since the day I first touched you
Was allowed to hold what I had sought for so long
Clasping you to my breast like an old childhood doll; with as much comfort and warmth
A billion moments have passed since the day we first kissed, when our eyes met for a brief moment and in that lustful venture we were allowed to be ourselves
Yours warm, wet, and grayish, filled with the life that I had come to understand poured through us all and my own brown, steady, and earthen, for the stable mother we were born from
When our lips met we were entwined in a long moment and in that we were forever and all.


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